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You know you’re addicted to Candy Crush Saga when:

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

1. You play it while on the toilet and you sit there until your bottom sticks to the seat and your legs go numb

2. You’d rather play Candy Crush than get romantic with your partner

3. You scoff at people who are on levels below 100

4. You play a level again just so you beat your friend’s position

5. You feel annoyed when you get to the next new level and your best mate is already there – in first position!

6. You continue to play a level even when it is crystal clear that you can’t complete it in the remaining moves, vainly hoping that something magical will happen. And sometimes it does!

7. One move from completing it, you run out of moves on the level that you’ve been stuck on for weeks and you press “replay” rather than pay for more moves

8. You have nightmares about chocolate!

9. You’ve renamed your pets candy and crush (or even your children)

10. You’ve made hundreds of new friends on Facebook just to increase the number of people from whom you can request lives

11. You text your friends at 2 AM to ask them to send you a ticket to unlock the next level

12. Everyone for miles around knows when you’ve just missed out on completing a level by the incessant swearing and breaking sounds coming from your direction

13. You start conversations with complete strangers who are also playing it and offer them a move

14. You think people who don’t play it are on another planet

15. You close your eyes at night and the only thing you see are yellow candies next to the red jelly beans which is next to the timed bombs and then your brain goes into overload as you try to swipe candies away from your memory

16. You think you actually have some skills when you surpass a Facebook friend

17. You get a text notice about your data usage reaching its max for the month and you know that you should shut down the game but you are so close to winning!

18. You quit the game for weeks at a time thinking the break will give you some time to gain true perspective on life and it doesn’t at all. All it does is yank you back in without even a question.

19. You have pity for those who are too cool to link to Facebook and will never understand these so-called levels that they must complete in order to advance episodes

20. You sit in the same room as people you should be conversing with but you are too busy crushin’

21. You play on your phone, on your iPad, on your computer, on your significant other’s iPad so you can have 5 lives on each device

22. You finally have enough candies to make a chocolate ball, but you're not going to use it yet. You’re going to wait until you really need it and then accidentally a series sets off a striped candy or wrapped candy and takes out your color bomb! @#%$&*%$^TR$@!@#%^&

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