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Why do I have to wait ? hours for my next life?

Wow a few free moments to play the game! You open your game and much to your surprise the lives says that you have to wait a large number of hours before getting more lives. What happened?

If you have recently changed the time on your device this may affect the game.

In order to fix this, please open the map screen in the game and check how long you have to wait for the next life.

After that set the clock on your device forward by that much.

For example, if the game say that you have to wait "? hours until the next life” you may need to change the date on your phone.

You will have to calculate how many days are in that number of hours and then set the date forward accordingly.

Once you have made that calculation, access the game’s map screen briefly.

Then go back to the settings menu on your device. Set the date back to the current date and restart your device.

If you need help trying to find the settings, follow the directions for your device here:

Android IOS

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