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Why am I not getting any messages or lives from friends?

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

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This could be happening for many reasons.   For example, this could be occurring because:

1.  Some message may occasionally drop due to the volume of messages being sent globally

2.  Your Internet connection might not be connecting to your device

3.  Your Facebook notifications for the game might not be turned on

4.  Not clearing your history daily Not uploading recent updates to your mobile device or computer browsers

If this occurs:

1.  We recommend re-sending your request to friends.

2.   If this doesn’t solve the issue, check to make sure you have a strong internet connection to be sure that the messages and help from your friends can be received. Wherever possible try to use Wi-Fi to ensure you have a strong uninterrupted connection.

3.  Clear the history/cache for Computer Mac IOS Android

4.   Or, another method for mobile device is to shut down your device, wait 10 seconds and then open it again. Open the game and log out of Facebook/Kingdom and log back in.

5.  If you are playing the game on a computer, make sure that your Computer Android IOS   have the latest versions. 

6.   Make sure that you have the most recent updates for the game app and the Facebook app.

7.  Your Facebook notifications for the game might be turned off. Go to your Facebook settings and then click on "Notifications".  Click on "App request and activity".  A box will pop up saying "what you get notified about".  Click on the edit button and a list of all your Facebook games will be listed.  Make sure that Candy Crush is set to "on".  Refresh Candy Crush and your messages should appear! 

8.  To rule out any other issue, do some troubleshooting on your PC too. Do a restart, clear cache (regularly) and try another browser (that normally does the trick for me).  Also, remember to close other tabs and open programs to avoid possible interference in your game play. 

The section below was posted on King Care by a King Admin to check out your Facebook settings.

" The easiest way is to enter the app settings channel on Facebook:

From here locate the game and click on the small pen symbol

From here you can re-activate the friend list option.

Click afterwards on the submit button and you'll have the feature activated again."

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