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What’s Taking So Long To Fix The Problem?

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Computer Programmer at work

I would like to share a scenario with you.

You are playing one of King’s games which you love to play, but suddenly there is a problem with a specific level or the game doesn’t load properly. Or something is happening on the board like color bombs exploding for no reason or it might be that the candies are bouncing all over the place or the game is going too fast.

You heard about King Care from your game friends so you decide to check out the website. I am going to use Candy Crush Soda Saga as an example because there is currently an issue with this game. The game is moving too fast and the candies are bouncing all over the place. You head on over to King Care because you want to know if it is just you with the problem or if others are also having this problem so you type in your issue in their search.

Look there are others who wrote about this. You click on each one to see what others had to say. Wow! You aren’t the only one experiencing this. You decide to add your comments to one of those questions. A couple of weeks go by and the problem is still going on. You go back to King Care and add a new comment “it’s been a few days now, still no change”. A couple of weeks go by and the game is still doing it. You ask yourself “why can’t they fix it this already?”

You go back to King Care and add another comment.

“It’s been weeks now. How long is it going to take to fix this game?”

You are frustrated and you are upset because they can’t fix such a simple issue! And you see new comments so you read all of them.

Hey, look there is someone who wrote “I like the game fast like this”. And you think to yourself “Is that person crazy liking it that way?”

As King Superstars, I want everyone to know that we also play the same games that you play and we also get very frustrated when things don’t work, like you do. The difference being that you feel the frustration from one level, while the Superstars feel it at two levels – playing the game and trying to help all of you when you write on King Care. All that we can do is to pass the word along to King and hope that it gets escalated in a short period of time. And just like you, when weeks go by without a fix, we get just as frustrated as you wondering why it’s taking so long to fix.

I don’t know if you understand what programming is all about. I’m not an expert on it but I have done programming in the past from the old dos black screen to HTML and other programs, as well.

So, I want to explain something to all of you out there who love to play the King games. It’s not always an easy fix from the programmer’s end. And just because it’s been weeks and you are still having the problem, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t working on it. Believe me I have heard from the King Admins that when these issues come up they stay late at night and sometimes work on the weekends trying to resolve these issues.

Ok so a bit more about programming. It’s not always an easy fix. You might fix one thing and then it's like a cause and effect - one gets fixed and another gets messed up. I wouldn't want to be sitting in their chairs right now trying to resolve these glitches and hear that the fans are getting extremely annoyed and extremely upset because they can't do a quick fix.

My own solution to this as I patiently await a fix for Candy Crush Soda is as follows:

Since I can't really play this game because of the bouncing, I play my other games - Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga and now I'm playing Farm Heroes. The only thing that I do with Soda is go into the game daily and get that daily treat but can't really use it anyway because the game is a mess. But I don't want to lose my daily number from moving up. Then I also send out the lives requests for my friends and then I exit the game. Every so often, I try to play the level to see if it's been fixed and then I go on to my other games.

So, my question to you this this:

Why don't you do the same thing? Go into the game to collect the daily reward so that you don't lose your number and then send out the lives to your friends and then go play another one of their games until they find a fix? It might take away some of your frustration.

If your issue is not this particular Candy Crush Soda Saga issue as I stated above, but it’s a connection issue or a color bombs exploding issue, try playing the game somewhere else. If you were playing on a mobile device but have access to a computer, try one of the browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Edge).

If the issue is the exploding color bombs, why not try one of King’s other games, like I do, until the problem is resolved?

We do appreciate your feedback on King Care and please keep writing us there. I just want to clarify one little thing with all of you. It won’t get fixed any faster with comments like “It’s been two weeks” or “It’s been three weeks” or "How long do I have to wait for this to get fixed?” King is aware of what’s happening and they do cherish your thoughts but please be gentle with your wording because they really and truly are trying their best to resolve these issues.

Thank you for patience and a friendly reminder – please make sure that you play the game through Facebook or the Kingdom otherwise your progress won’t be saved.

Happy Crushing!

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