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What is ranking?

You might have noticed that your profile picture is now surrounded by a ranking frame. In March of this year, a blog, " Get your Rank in Candy Crush Saga! " was created on King Care.

Players started posting questions because they didn't understand how it worked. So the link above was given to them to read all about it.

But then I noticed new questions were being posted asking why they were at the top of the game and a friend was still working on levels but the friend's ranking was higher than the player asking the question. I am still not very clear on how it works so I took it a step further to find out more about this.

On your mobile device, there is the "Help Center".

I clicked on the "Help Center" arrow and then typed in my question.

Below is the information that I found on this topic.

What is Rank? Rank is a cool way to show off your Candy Crush Saga skill level and get extra lives in the process. A higher Rank number lets other players know that you are a serious Candy Crush Saga player who can match candies with their eyes closed.

How can I find what my Rank is?

You can see your Rank by looking at the number on the bottom left-hand corner of your avatar.

How do I Rank up?

Ranking up is easy, just play levels! Every time you play a level, you are rewarded experience points or ‘XP’. The better you do in the level, the more experience points you gain. Once you fill out your experience meter, underneath your avatar, you will gain a new level/rank.

What do I get for Ranking up?

Every time you reach a new Rank, we reward you with a top-up of your lives.

Also every 5 levels you will win a delicious frame for your avatar. Therefore, you will get a new Frame at level 5, 10, 15, and so on. So keep playing, keep Ranking up and show all the other players just how good you are at Candy Crush Saga. Sweet!

Below are some of the various ranking frames that King has created for the games.

So do I understand all of this yet? I'm not really 100% sure how this works yet. If anyone who reads this can explain it better, please join my Facebook group "Candy Crush Saga, Soda, Jelly and Friends Saga" and post your response there.

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