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What happened to my hours of free lives?

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Your game starts you with five lives.  Every time a level ends and you haven’t completed it, you lose a life.   However, new lives are regained every 30 minutes or you can receive extra lives from your friends or through a purchase.

King offers as one of the rewards for their games, a specific number of infinity free lives.  So, let’s say that you have been playing the game for a while and you just won this free infinity reward.  It could be 2 free hours or 6 free hours. 

It is exciting to win, but you are exhausted and need a break away from the game.  Or you just remembered that you had to leave your house to do something.  Time moves on and you are now back at home.  You go back to your game but the free lives are no longer there.  You thought that if you didn’t claim your rewards then you could just claim them when you start playing again, however, the infinity hours of lives doesn’t work like that. 

Once you win the event the clock starts ticking immediately.  The timer doesn't stop because you had to walk away from the game.  So, once the progression starts you'll have the time available but it can't be paused.

For more detailed information on what the infinity lives is all about, please visit: *Superstar Information post* Infinite Lives Reward

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