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How to complete a King contact form

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Sometimes you might have to complete this contact form if you have lost your progress or there was a purchase issue. To find this contact form click HERE

The first choice that you will have to make is to choose your spoken language. As you can see by the print screen below, there are several languages to choose from. Once you choose your spoken language all other information that you have to submit will be translated for you.

So go ahead and choose your spoken language from the drop down arrow.

Now that you have completed the language, you will now have to type in your email address and full now. You will be getting your response back from King to your email account. For example, if you have a gmail account, please make sure to look for their response in that account.

The next step will be to choose the game where you are having a problem.

As an example, I have chosen Candy Crush Saga.

The next step on this form wants to know where you are playing the game. As you can see, there are 3 choices - playing the game through Facebook, on a mobile device or through As you can see I have chosen Facebook, as the example.

It is now time to tell them about the type of issue that you are encountering. Choose a topic from one of the three - purchases, games issues or general questions.

I have chosen game issues as an example and the reason for this choice is because of lost progress. Now you will have to choose a Subtopic.

As you can see, there are quite a few options to choose from. So let's go over each one separately.

Game didn't save - you game is not showing your progress

Stuck on a level - sometimes the avatar gets stuck or might be for another reason

Prize not received - you know that you won the challenge and you have a print screen as proof

Special event problem - you are trying to play an event but it's freezing or something else

New content - not sure about this

Play on another device - you changed your device and need help with something

Login issues - could be when trying to login with Facebook or the Kingdom

Crashing/Freezing - this is self-explanatory

Missing items - you saw a video for a level but your game is missing it (e.g. portals for fruit to exit)

Send or receive lives/tickets issue - self-explanatory

For my example, I have chosen "Game didn't save".

Now please describe your issue in detail in the blank space. You have up to 500 characters in this section.

The final step is to check off that you are not a robot.

Now you can click on send.

You will receive an email from a King representative but please give it some time because many days they are backed up with lots of questions that need to be addressed.

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