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Have You Lost Your Progress In The Game?

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

It’s frustrating!  You opened the game and much to your surprise your game is no longer at your current level.  And it might have even gone back to level 1.   I know that you worked so hard trying to build up your progress and you must be very upset.  So, let’s try to find out why this has happened.

 First, have you been playing your game through Facebook or the Kingdom because they save your progress on the servers.  If you haven’t then there is no guarantee that a glitch or an update might cause you to lose all your progress.

 Have you started a new Facebook account thinking that you could sync them together?  That cannot be done because you are playing the game under one Facebook account, so when you start a new account, Facebook is not aware that you already had an account.  Also, be aware that if you do start a new Facebook account your friends won’t transfer to the new account either.  You would have to send them requests again.

 If you are playing the game on a computer, have you checked to make sure that your Computer Android IOS have the latest versions?   


 Now let’s try to bring back your progress:

1.  Clear the history/cache for Computer Mac IOS Android

2.  If using a mobile, shut down your device, wait 10 seconds and then open it again

3.  Open the game and log out of Facebook/Kingdom and log back in

If you haven’t been playing your game through Facebook or the Kingdom then you will need to get your user ID # by following the steps HERE.

Complete the form from HERE giving them your user ID # and what level you were on. They will be able to look into your account and get you back on track!

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